Inclusive Peace is a think-and-do tank supporting civilian-led peace processes. We conduct comparative research and draw on this knowledge to accompany civilian and national actors on their journeys to build peace in some of the world’s most complex conflicts.


We accompany civilian and national actors by offering evidence-based advice and facilitating spaces to convene and strategize. We take an eco-system approach which means that we work with as many actors as possible in a given context and we work based on the priorities and needs expressed by partners, and informed by our comparative experience on how processes evolve. We work with reality as it presents itself and with scenario planning.

What we are trying to achieve

We work alongside civilian and national actors to establish the structures for inclusion and dialogue that over time can enable peaceful and inclusive societies.

What sets us apart 

We embrace a localized and decolonial approach to peace process support and research. We support local leadership and view collaborative non-competitive partnerships as key. We don’t engage in financial relationships with partners, seeking to engage in a more authentic, partner-driven way, and avoiding some of the negative incentives that hinder locally-led efforts from moving forward.

The team

We are an entirely remote team with colleagues in Nairobi, Tbilisi, Kampala, Frankfurt, Zürich, Seoul, Copenhagen, and elsewhere. Inclusive Peace is an independent registered association under Swiss law.

Vision and Mission

Our guiding vision is for all countries to move towards becoming peaceful and inclusive societies. It is our mission to inspire, support, and connect people and organisations at all levels on their pathways towards more inclusive societies.

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Inclusive Peace provides expert support at critical junctures in peace and political transition processes. We start from acknowledging local contexts and leadership, then work with relevant actors to determine options for action.

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Thematic Expertise

We specialise in a number of cross-cutting themes that span our work in supporting peace processes, generating knowledge, and agenda setting.

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The Inclusive Peace team is comprised of experienced and highly qualified facilitators, experts, and researchers dedicated to supporting the full range of national and international actors involved in peace and political transition processes.

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Here we list any employment opportunities we might have. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming recruitment processes.

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We work with a broad range of partners in the peacemaking and peacebuilding field and apply a partnership-oriented approach in all aspects of our work.

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