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Our thoughts/16.12.21

At Inclusive Peace we look back at 2021 and point to five trends that shaped peace and political transition processes in the year that went by In this first piece, we sketch out the trends and invite you to

Our work/30.11.21

PEACEBUILDING LESSONS #2: An expert facilitator’s key takeaways from Colombia’s peace process

In our November newsletter, we introduced our new content series peacebuilding lessons where we give you key insights and lessons learned from a variety of peacebuilding and peacemaking processes This month, we hear from our Executive Director, Thania Paffenholz,


Hybrid consultations: How might women move along the Yemen peace process?

In a new partnership, we explore options for moving forward the Yemen peace process in collaboration with UN Women Yemen and Yemeni civil society actors Inclusive Peace has in partnership with UN Women and the Yemeni civil society, namely the


RETHINKING PEACE PROCESSES: Our workshop at Geneva Peace Week 2021

It’s event season and at Inclusive Peace, we jumped right into November with a well-attended online session at Geneva Peace Week 2021 on building and sustaining perpetual peace Thanks to both our speakers, moderators, participants and co-organizers, it became

Our work/28.10.21


November marks fifteen years since the Nepal Peace Agreement was signed We reflect on the anniversary in this first instalment in our series of inclusive peacebuilding lessons This peacebuilding lesson is based on our case study on women’s participation in

Our thoughts/15.09.21

From perpetual war to perpetual peacebuilding in Yemen

On Sunday the 5th of September, the newly-appointed UN Envoy, Hans Grundberg, officially assumed his duties Next week will mark six years since the Huthis first entered the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, precipitating a civil war which had been

Our work/25.08.21

Inclusive Peace welcomes two new researchers to the team

At Inclusive Peace we are thrilled to have welcomed two new researchers to the team over the summer This means that our research capacities are getting even stronger and enables us to provide the latest evidence-based advice in peace

Our work/24.08.21

Partnership: New funding opportunity for women civil society organisations

Inclusive Peace has partnered with the Women Peace and Humanitarian Fund Rapid Response Window – a new funding mechanism that addresses the funding gap on women’s participation in peace processes What is it? The Rapid Response Window

Our work/28.06.21

National Dialogues and politicisation: Peers and practitioners experiences from across the globe

In a recent Inclusive Peace event, we explored the inherently political nature of National Dialogues with peers or practitioners from Africa and Southeast Asia Read an excerpt of their recounts or dive into key takeaways from the discussion

Our thoughts/26.05.21

Perpetual Peacebuilding: Changing the way we think about and make peace

The mediation and peacebuilding community is stuck in traditional approaches to peace and conflict that need a fundamental rethink Our ED’s new peacebuilding paradigm offers brand new ideas and solutions for more effective and sustainable mediation and


Five ways Inclusive Peace is different from its predecessor IPTI

Inclusive Peace not only has a new name and brand, but also a changed approach, objectives and priorities Get to know the “new” Inclusive Peace here  A little over a year after Inclusive Peace transitioned from the Inclusive


Is it possible to counteract patriarchal structures in the peace and security field? Yes. Here’s how 

Over the last decades, women’s crucial role in effective peacebuilding has increasingly been recognised But women’s participation in formal peace processes remains at unacceptably low levels Here’s our take on how to better counteract patriarchal structures and


PeaceFem App: Our latest contribution to peacetech in use all over the world

At Inclusive Peace, we generate knowledge products designed to be used by practitioners, policymakers, and researchers We do so in new and innovative ways, and in our collaboration with partners on the PeaceFem app, we are inspiring peacemakers across


Pitches for Peace event inspired and sparked discussion

In October 2020, Inclusive Peace marked the 20th anniversary of the Women, Peace, and Security agenda by inviting women engaged in peace processes to discuss their creative Pitches for Peace with high-level representatives from the UN and member states Achieving


New events series on National Dialogues

At Inclusive Peace, we give advice on National Dialogue processes in different countries and continue to expand our research and expertise Following a request from our partners, we have started a series of peer-exchange events to explore different aspects


Examples of our peace process support

Inclusive Peace is involved extensively in peace and political reform processes across the globe Here are some examples of the type of advice we provide At Inclusive Peace, we support actors engaged in peace and political transition processes, working to