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Theme, Making Peace Processes Work

We work to broaden the understanding of peace processes with our evidence – both the dynamics of processes and what it takes to make them work towards creating pathways to inclusive societies.

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Theme, Inclusive Peace Negotiations

At Inclusive Peace we work to make peace negotiations meaningfully inclusive and more effective. Inclusive processes can provide both short-term stability and create long-term pathways to more peaceful and inclusive societies.

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Theme, Civil Society and Peace Processes

Civil society plays an important role in peacemaking and peacebuilding. Inclusive Peace employs a broad functional understanding of civil society to analyse and support civil society in different roles within peace and transition processes.

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Theme, Women, Peace, and Security

Women have historically been systematically excluded from peace processes writ large. At Inclusive Peace, we work to promote women’s participation and influence as well as gender mainstreaming in all aspects of peace processes.

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Theme, National Dialogues

National Dialogues have facilitated political transitions in various contexts. Inclusive Peace contributes to a better understanding of the conditions under which National Dialogues are effective and produce sustainable outcomes.

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Theme, Reconciliation and Social Cohesion

Reconciliation is crucial to societies’ transitions to sustainable peace. Inclusive Peace supports both locally-led reconciliation efforts and global efforts to incorporate reconciliation into the international peacebuilding agenda.

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This map shows the countries where we have expertise from carrying out research and/or have supported peace and political reform processes.

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News / 22.12.22

Reading and Podcast Recommendations: December

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News / 19.12.22

Militarisation and Feminist Foreign Policy: Our Workshop at...Militarisation and Feminist Foreign Policy: Our Workshop at Geneva Peace Week 2022Militarisation and Feminist Foreign Policy: Our Workshop at Geneva Peace Week 2022

News / 30.11.22

Reading Recommendations: NovemberReading Recommendations: NovemberReading Recommendations: November

News / 24.11.22

Paris Peace Forum: Takeaways on the Theme of Fostering more...Paris Peace Forum: Takeaways on the Theme of Fostering more Inclusive and Just SocietiesParis Peace Forum: Takeaways on the Theme of Fostering more Inclusive and Just Societies
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