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IPTI aims to support sustainable peace by providing expertise on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes

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Women in Peace and Transition Processes

IPTI - Ongoing series

The Case Study Series “Women in Peace and Transition Processes” examine the inclusion of women—defined as relatively organized groups, including delegations, civil society organizations, coalitions or networks—in different processes worldwide


Infographic Series: Women’s role in peace, constitution-making, and political reform processes

Check our Infographic series!  Discover at a glance how women have been included in various countries and what they have achieved since the early 1990's.


7 Stumbling Blocks to Meaningful Women’s Inclusion in Peace Processes: A forward looking reading of the SG 2018 WPS report

IPTI Director's observatory piece presents some observations as to why current strategies are not yet sufficiently effective to meaningful women’s inclusion in peace processes

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Role of civil society in peace and transition processes

How can different civil society actors make effective contributions to peace and transition processes, in which phases and under what conditions?


IPTI’s newly published research report Supporting or Resisting Change: Elite Strategies in War to Peace and Political Transitions

This report discusses the strategies that national elites employ in order to influence political change during peace processes and political transitions.

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Video Brief - Key Findings on National Dialogues

In this two-minute animated video brief, discover the key findings from our report "What Makes or Breaks National Dialogues?"

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Map of Inclusive Peace Processes

This interactive map presents basic information on over 30 peace and transition processes that feature in IPTI’s ongoing collection of in-depth case studies on inclusive peace processes. Choosing multiple options in one filter will result in any process with at least one of those options. Give it a try!



A range of terms is gaining ground in the peacebuilding literature as it moves towards more inclusive approaches to the prevention and resolution of violent conflict. This glossary provides short definitions of notions used in the context of inclusive peace and transition processes


Briefing Note - Preventing Violence through Inclusion

Our Briefing Note on the role of inclusion in the prevention of violent conflicts is now available!