Vision and Mission

Inclusive Peace is an agent of change in the field of peacemaking, peacebuilding, and political transitions. Our guiding vision is for all countries to move towards peaceful and inclusive societies.

Globally, violence and political tension continue to cause severe crises and major setbacks of democratic rights. Exclusion is one of the decisive factors at the heart of such conflicts, but many existing strategies to end these crises focus on signed agreements between existing power holders, rather than on inclusive, just outcomes. As a result, they often fail to build lasting peace.

At Inclusive Peace, our vision is that all countries move on pathways towards peaceful and inclusive societies. It is our mission to inspire, support, and connect local people and organisations at critical junctures on their pathways towards these more inclusive societies. Likewise, we assist supporters of these processes on all levels in order to increase opportunities, remove obstacles, and counter resistance, both globally and locally.