Alexander Bramble

Researcher, Analyst, Editor

At Inclusive Peace, Alex is continuing his work from IPTI on a series of projects examining the role of a broad range of stakeholders in peace and political transition processes and peacebuilding efforts, and on research-policy transfer, particularly in relation to international policy frameworks, notably the prevention and sustaining peace agenda. He is a researcher and analyst with expertise across a variety of disciplines in international security and international affairs, currently specialising in peacemaking and peacebuilding.

Alex was formerly a researcher at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and the Foundation for Strategic Research (Paris), working on international and regional security dynamics, geopolitics, global governance, and foreign and defence policy, with a particular focus on multilateral dialogue processes.

Alex also interned at the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (New York), and has worked as a freelance translator and editor for a number of international organisations, think tanks, universities, publishing houses, and media outlets.

Alex holds an MA in Modern History and Modern Languages (French) from the University of Oxford, and a Masters in International Relations and International Security (with a thematic specialisation on mediation and conflict resolution) from Sciences Po Paris.