PeaceFem App

A contribution to the growing field of peace tech that utilises technology to advance peace. Created through a partnership between Inclusive Peace, PeaceRep: The Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform and Monash University, the PeaceFem App brings together available data on women and gender provisions in peace negotiations and implementation in one easy-to-use app in English, Arabic, French, and Indonesian.

PeaceFem is a mobile phone app that illustrates women’s inclusion in peace processes around the world. PeaceFem provides information about strategies women’s rights advocates have used to influence peace agreements, information about the enabling and constraining factors that shaped the space for influence, and the gender provisions in the peace agreements that resulted and information as to how well they were implemented.

The app is intended for use by women’s rights advocates, mediation and negotiation teams, and other actors working in peace and mediation processes.

The app draws on PA-X peace agreement data from the University of Edinburgh, and 30 case studies developed by Inclusive Peace and Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre.

Key Features

  • Small size (50MB on iPhone), does not take up much space on mobile phones
  • Content is easily accessible and available offline, so the app can be used in areas with little or no internet connectivity.
  • Search by region, country/entity, peace process, provision category, and strategy category

Latest versions

Version 2 was launched on 20 February, 2023 and includes:

  • New case studies on women’s involvement and gender perspectives in peace processes in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Tunisia;
  • Now fully available in French, Indonesian, alongside English and Arabic.
  • Technical improvements to improve user experience.


Download on Google Play Store (for Android)
Download on Apple App Store (for iOS)


The PeaceFem team encourages users to submit feedback on the app to enable improvements and future updates. Please email with your comments.


PeaceFem is a collaboration between UN Women, Inclusive Peace, the Monash University Gender, Peace and Security Centre, and PeaceRep: The Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform at the University of Edinburgh.

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