Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Featured event

08 November 2017
Pathways for Peace: What is New with the Global Prevention Policy?

This event marks the Geneva launch of the UN-World Bank Study on the Prevention of Violent Conflict. What are the main takeaways? 


Past events

20 June 2018 GENEVA

Peace Negotiations Simulation for "Bâtisseurs de la paix" 2018

IPTI organized a simulation of peace negotiations for 24 students as part of "Bâtisseurs de la paix"

31 May 2018 Geneva
8-10 am

Executive Breakfast - Prevention and Sustaining Peace in Action: What role for International Geneva?

This executive breakfast explored International Geneva’s specific added value in implementing and operationalizing the sustaining peace agenda

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18 April 2018 THE HAGUE
09:30 – 12:30 CEST

We are not there yet: Women’s participation in conflict prevention

Dr. Thania Paffenholz took part in a discussion on women's participation in peacebuilding and conflict prevention, organized by GPPAC and the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law.

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11 April 2018 GENEVA
11:30 AM -13 PM

The Evolution of Diplomacy: The Case for Inclusivity

This panel, moderated by IPTI Deputy Director and organized by the Junior Diplomat Initiative as part of the 2018 Youth Dialogue, explored how diplomacy has evolved from a primarily state-led effort to an increasingly inclusive network of diverse actors

11 April 2018 GENEVA
2:15 - 4 PM

What's at Stake in a National Dialogue?

This workshop simulated the process design for a National Dialogue to better understand the factors and circumstances that govern whether they reach sustainable outcomes. 

09 April 2018 Geneva
2-5 PM

Putting Into Action the UN-WB Report Pathways for Peace

A public discussion and "fishbowl" event on 9 April in Geneva co-organized by IPTI, DCAF and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, in collaboration with UNDPA, UNDP, and the World Bank Group.