National Dialogues: Addressing politicisation

The National Dialogues peer and expert online exchange series addresses the process and structural dynamics that determine the pathways to, and outcomes of, National Dialogues. Building on the National Dialogues: Paving the way in tough political environments peer and expert exchange in December 2020, the second instalment in this series focuses on National Dialogues: Addressing politicisation.

In this second exchange, we will discuss strategic tactics on working within the inevitable politicisation inherent to National Dialogues. How do you move beyond symbolic political settlements to utilize National Dialogues as a catalyst for addressing the root causes of conflict? What is the best approach to dealing with elites co-opting the process as a tool to gain or reclaim political legitimacy? What does politicisation look like in the procedural aspects of preparing for, conducting, and implementing National Dialogues? What are the politics of inclusion, and who holds decision-making power and why?

A key outcome from this event will be to provide options and ideas to generate support for upcoming National Dialogues, in addition to establishing a National Dialogue Community of Practice.