Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Supporting peace processes through comparative evidence

IPTI aims to support sustainable peace by providing expertise on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes

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Colombia at a crossroads: Getting to YES and beyond

What can international experience teach us ahead of the ratification and implementation of the Colombian peace process?


When Peace Agreements Fail to Secure Sustainable Peace: Learning from Yemen, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka

The event will take place on 10 November, as part of the Geneva Peace Week


Civil Society in Peace Processes at a Glance


Summary of a multiyear research project answering how, when, and under what circumstances civil society may fulfill a peace-supporting role.


Launch of the report "Making Women Count - Not Just Counting Women"

Based on 40 cases since 1989, this report represents the largest qualitative comparative study of women’s participation in peace negotiations

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How Russia’s Domestic Concerns Affect the Syrian Peace Process

A comparative analysis of Russia’s own experience of terrorism to help better understand the complexities of its strategy in Syria.


Plebiscite in Colombia: Potential Consequences of a YES or NO Vote

On 27 Septembre, IPTI and the Mission of Colombia to the UN organized an event with experts on Cyprus, Northern Ireland, and Colombia to discuss the upcoming plebiscite

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