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Supporting peace processes through comparative evidence

IPTI aims to support sustainable peace by providing expertise on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes

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Peacebuilding from Below: The Role of Local Civil Society in South Sudan

On 28 September, IPTI, the LWF, the WCC and Finn Church Aid, organise an event to discuss the role of grassroot civil society in South Sudan


How Russia’s Domestic Concerns Affect the Syrian Peace Process

A comparative analysis of Russia’s own experience of terrorism to help better understand the complexities of its strategy in Syria.


Civil Society in Peace Processes at a Glance

BRIEFING NOTE (4 p.) - IPTI - April 2016

Summary of a multiyear research project answering how, when, and under what circumstances civil society may fulfill a peace-supporting role.


Launch of the report "Making Women Count - Not Just Counting Women"

Based on 40 cases since 1989, this report represents the largest qualitative comparative study of women’s participation in peace negotiations

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Are elections giving democracy a bad name?

Introduced by Kofi Annan, the event was moderated by Thania Paffenholz, and the panel composed of Ruth Dreifuss, Olusegun Obasanjo, Hassan Wirajuda and Ricardo Lagos.


The Role of Legitimacy in the Governance of Fragile States

On June 10, IPTI and the Fletcher School presented the findings of their research project on peacebuilding and state's legitimacy.