Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Supporting peace processes through comparative evidence

IPTI aims to support sustainable peace by providing expertise on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes

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The Colombian “NO” vote: The end of this peace deal must not be the end of the peace process!

It is now crucial for Colombia to learn from other experiences what can be done to save the peace process.


SIDA Development Forum 2016

IPTI's Director, Dr. Thania Paffenholz, participated in the 2016 SIDA Development Forum on the theme: "How can we reach the global goals in a troubled world with people on the move"?

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Peacebuilding from Below: The Role of Local Civil Society in South Sudan

On 28 September, IPTI, the LWF, the WCC and Finn Church Aid, organized an event to discuss the role of grassroot civil society in South Sudan


A new agenda for Women, Peace and Security and Mediation

Dr. Thania Paffenholz moderated this UN side event about strategies used to advance women’s meaningful participation to secure gender positive outcomes in peace agreements

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When Peace Agreements Fail to Secure Sustainable Peace: Learning from Yemen, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka

The event will take place on 10 November, as part of the Geneva Peace Week


Plebiscite in Colombia: Potential Consequences of a YES or NO Vote

On 27 Septembre, IPTI and the Mission of Colombia to the UN organized an event with experts on Cyprus, Northern Ireland, and Colombia to discuss the upcoming plebiscite