Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Supporting peace processes through comparative evidence

IPTI aims to support sustainable peace by providing expertise on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes

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A Future for the IDPS in the Framework of the Sustaining Peace Agenda?

14 November 2017

Can the IDPS rediscover its impetus in the context of the Sustaining Peace Agenda?  


Preventing Violence through Inclusion: From Building Political Momentum to Sustaining Peace

This new report was commissioned as a research input to the UN-World Bank Prevention Study


What Makes or Breaks National Dialogues?

This new report is the result of a two-year research project analyzing 17 cases of National Dialogues held between 1990 and 2014


Making Women Count in Peace Negotiations: An Insider’s Perspective from Colombia, Syria, and the Philippines


Women in Peace and Transition Processes: Democratic Republic of the Congo (2001–2003)

This case study explores the role of women during the Inter-Congolese Dialogue


IPTI awarded a Grant by the Wihuri Foundation for a New Research Project on International Mediation Networks

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