Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Supporting peace processes through comparative evidence

IPTI aims to support sustainable peace by providing expertise on the inclusion of diverse actors in peace and transition processes

About us

IPTI a partner of UN Women’s programme “Enhancing Women’s Leadership in the MENA Region”

Over the next three years, IPTI will partly implement this programme through a USD 1.4 million project

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Women in Peace and Transition Processes: Nepal (2008-2012)

This case examines women's inclusion and influence within the Nepalese Constituent Assembly after the peace agreement


When Peace Agreements Fail to Secure Sustainable Peace: Learning from Yemen, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka

The event took place on 10 November, as part of the Geneva Peace Week


Report "Making Women Count - Not Just Counting Women" in French Spanish and Russian

Our report assessing women's influence on peace negotiations, is now also available in Spanish, French and Russian


Women in Peace and Transition Processes: Kenya (2008-2013)

This case explores women's inclusion and influence in the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation process


Peace Agreements, Power-Sharing, and Political Transitions

IPTI's Director, Dr. Thania Paffenholz, took part in this IPI-UN Women event, to discuss gender representation in ongoing peace processes


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