Olusikemi Akinmade

Digital Marketing Assistant

Olusikemi Akinmade is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Inclusive Peace. She has a professional background in marketing and communication and has gathered over 4 years of work experience in various B2B and B2C companies and startups with a focus on ethical production and consumption. Her responsibilities in these positions focussed mainly on content creation, relationship management and the implementation, as well as oversight of marketing strategies within the PR and communication departments.

Alongside these work experiences she completed a Bachelor of Arts in marketing and management communication at Aarhus University (BSS) in Denmark, through which her inherent interest in languages and cultures has since developed into a cultivated passion for strategic communication and socio-cultural and political advocacy. During the degree Olusikemi was able to explore relevant socio-cultural issues through a communicative lens in a variety of research papers, finally leading to completing her academic journey at Aarhus University with magna com laude.