Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative
Agreement reached and partially implemented

Solomon Islands (2000–ongoing 2018)

© UN Peacebuilding Fund

"Supporting peaceful and inclusive transition in Solomon Islands" project launch, 2016.

Phillippines (2010–ongoing 2018)

© Stéphane Gaudin

Members of the MILF stand guard inside the guerrilla base during the central committee hearing in the southern island of Mindanao March 11, 2008.

Mexico (1994–2001)

© Adam Jones

Indigenous Women outside Church San Cristobal de las Casas - Chiapas - Mexico

Kenya (2008–2013)

© Commonwealth Secretariat via Flickr


Guatemala (1989–1999)

© Cara Snyder

Thousands filled the main plaza of Guatemala City on Dec. 29, 1996 to celebrate the signing of a peace accord.

Fiji (2012)

© Andrea Thalari

Fiji, 2011, Youth Volunteers taking the message of peace to the streets.