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Research Project - International Mediation Networks

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Mediation networks are a relatively newalbeit rapidly growingphenomenon. All of them connect mediation actors, but they vary in terms of geographical scope and the nature of their membership—they may bring together mediators and mediation support actors from governments, non-state entities, or religious actors. Some focus specifically on bringing together women mediators. 

Why are so many networks emerging right now? What is the context and reasoning behind these networks, and what assumptions are they based on? IPTI has received a grant of 115,000 euros from the Wihuri Foundation to examine these questions over the course of 2018.

Research objectives

The International Mediation Networks research project seeks to create the first mapping of existing international mediation and mediators’ networks, and to outline their different mandates, composition, activity areas, and goals. This will enhance clarity in the field of mediation and reveal overlaps and potential for synergies between the different networks.

The project also seeks to understand the context and reasoning behind the formation of these networks, examine the assumptions upon which they are based, and provide insights into the rationales, aims, and hopes of mediators, funders, and mediation professionals in relation to this emerging phenomenon.



IPTI will use a combination of primary and secondary research: direct participation in and observation of the networks’ activities, and semi-structured interviews with members, founders, and affiliated individuals of various networks will be combined with background research.



An expert workshop will be held in fall 2018 to share preliminary findings with policy-makers and experts, and to validate results and policy implications of the research. A report and a shorter paper will be released summarizing the research findings, which will be accompanied by a short film containing highlights of the interviews conducted with members of international mediation networks. Project results will be also shared at various events. 


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