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Impact Local Peace Project
Impact Local Peace Project


Civil society plays several important roles that contribute to inclusive democracy and sustainable peace. IPTI's research projects and database of case studies have contributed to conceptual frameworks and findings that can serve as useful tools to critically assess the role and options for civil society participation and impact in peace processes.The Impact Local Peace project has been developed to support civil society actors and organizations to enhance their relevance and impact on inclusive peace processes. 


The project has an initial 18-month time-span, starting in December 2017


Aim: to provide local civil society organizations active in peacebuilding with practical tools that will enhance their relevance and effectiveness.

Purpose: to enable local civil society actors to benefit from IPTI's research findings and knowledge base, and to merge it with their own local experiences and knowledge by jointly developing an open-access platform of practical tools for local CSOs and their international partners.


(1) Outreach and consultations to survey how IPTI can best serve the needs of diverse civil society groups working for peace, both globally and more in-depth in two pilot contexts

(2) Learning exchange, joint development and testing of learning resources/tools 

(3) Work with local focal points as resource persons, counterparts and knowledge brokers between IPTI's comparative research findings and local realities

(4) Public events to disseminate and test the tools and strengthen the community of practice on the topics identified.


The project will be supported by a Steering Committee of civil society experts that will provide technical support, inform methodological and strategic choices, and ensure the activities are inclusive and complementary to existing networks and learning tools and processes.

Contact: Jenny Aulin

+41 22 908 6280