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Prevention Agenda

Preventing violence: The role of inclusion in initiating and sustaining peaceful transitions

16 May 2018

Can inclusive approaches prevent the escalation or recurrence of violence? 


A Future for the IDPS in the Framework of the Sustaining Peace Agenda?

14 November 2017

Can the IDPS rediscover its impetus in the context of the Sustaining Peace Agenda?  


The UN-World Bank Flagship Prevention Study: An ambitious, Highly Political Reform Agenda

10 October 2017

IPTI's Director's take on the recently launched UN-WB Prevention Study, its innovative aspects, and caveats 



7 Stumbling Blocks to Meaningful Women’s Inclusion in Peace Processes: A forward looking reading of the SG 2018 WPS report

IPTI Director's observatory piece presents some observations as to why current strategies are not yet sufficiently effective to meaningful women’s inclusion in peace processes

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South Sudan

South Sudan’s National Dialogue: A Recipe for Peace?

9 June 2017

How can South Sudan benefit from the experience of countries that held a National Dialogue? 



The Colombian “NO” Vote: The End of this Peace Deal must not be the End of the Peace Process!

3 October 2016

What can we learn from other experiences to save the peace process?


Colombia at a Crossroads: Getting to YES and Beyond

29 September 2016

What can international experience teach us ahead of the ratification and implementation of the Colombian peace agreements?


How to Generate Public Support for Peace in Colombia

22 May 2015

Public support is one of the key successful elements of any peace agreement. But how to generate it when it is not automatically forthcoming?



How Russia’s Domestic Concerns Affect the Syrian Peace Process

23 June 2016

A comparative analysis of Russia’s own experience of terrorism, to help better understand the complexities of its strategy in Syria.


Five Lessons for Effective Syrian Peace Talks

13 January 2016

If this latest attempt to revitalize the peace process is to have a chance of success, five lessons derived from other negotiations should be considered.