Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Civil Society’s Role in Monitoring and Verifying Peace Agreements: Seven Lessons from International Experiences

IPTI - January 2017

This report summarizes the available evidence about civil society’s role in monitoring and verification activities around the world in recent decades

Aid for Peace: A Guide to Planning and Evaluation for Conflict Zones

Thania Paffenholz & Luc Reyschler - Nomos Publishers -  March 2007

This book leads both practitioner and academic reader through a planning and evaluation process that helps the user to better design development, humanitarian, and peacebuilding interventions in conflict-prone areas of the world.

Methodologies in Peacebuilding Evaluations: Challenges and Testing New Approaches

Special Issue Evaluation Connection, European Evaluation Society - August 2016
In this short article, the author discusses an innovative methodological approach to the evaluation of peacebuilding effectiveness.