Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Civil Society’s Role in Monitoring and Verifying Peace Agreements: Seven Lessons from International Experiences

IPTI - January 2017

This report summarizes the available evidence about civil society’s role in monitoring and verification activities around the world in recent decades

Civil Society in Peace Processes at a Glance

IPTI - April 2016

Summary of a multiyear research project answering how, when, and under what circumstances civil society may fulfill a peace-supporting role

Summary of Results for a Comparative Research Project: Civil Society and Peacebuilding

CCDP - January 2009

As an effort to systematically examine the role of civil society in peacebuilding processes, the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP) has conducted a three-year comparative research project under the direction of Thania Paffenholz entitled “Civil Society and Peacebuilding.” This report provides an overview of the findings thus far, and focuses explicitly on their policy implications.

Civil Society and Peacebuilding: A Critical Assessment

Thania Paffenholz - Lynne Rienner Publishers - 2010

This groundbreaking collaborative effort identifies the constructive functions of civil society in support of peacebuilding both during and in the aftermath of armed conflict.