Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Preventing Violence through Inclusion

IPTI - January 2018

OUR Briefing Note on the role of inclusion in the prevention of violent conflicts is now available!

Preventing Violence through Inclusion: From Building Political Momentum to Sustaining Peace

IPTI - November 2017

This report, commissioned as a research input to the UN-World Bank Prevention Study, analyzes the link between inclusion and the prevention of violence

What Makes or Breaks National Dialogues?

IPTI - October 2017

This report is the result of a two-year research project analyzing 17 cases of National Dialogues held between 1990 and 2014.

What Makes or Breaks National Dialogues?

IPTI - April 2017

This Briefing Note presents key findings of the National Dialogues research project, which aims to contribute to a better understanding of common features of National Dialogues, as well as the factors and conditions that have affected National Dialogues

The Role of Legitimacy in the Governance of Fragile States

Institute for Human Security - June 2016

This research explores the relationship between broader inclusion in peace and political negotiations and the legitimacy of those negotiations among a variety of population groups.

Inclusive Political Settlements: New Insights from Yemen's National Dialogue

PRISM Vol 6 No 1 -  March 2016

The article analyzes the National Dialogue Conference for a New Yemen held between 2013 and 2014 with reference to the findings of the “Broadening Participation” project led at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Dialogues in Peace and Mediation Processes: Definitions, types, goals, and success factors for sustainability

IPTI - March 2016

This report provides an overview of National Dialogues, as well as other types of non-formal dialogues, including high-level problem-solving workshops (track one.5), consultations and civil society dialogues (track two), and people-to-people dialogues and local community relations meetings (track three). 

Broadening participation in peace processes - Dilemmas & options for mediators

HD CENTRE - June 2014

This paper seeks to provide mediators and mediation teams with a better understanding of, and options for, broadening participation in peace negotiations without sacrificing the effectiveness of the mediation process. 

Can Inclusive Peace Processes Work? New Evidence From a Multi-Year Research Project

CCDP and IPTI - April 2015

With a team of more than 30 researchers, the project “Broadening Participation in Political Negotiations and Implementation” produced seven key findings for successful inclusive peace processes.

Supporting or Resisting Change: Elite Strategies in War to Peace and Political Transitions

IPTI - February 2019

This report discusses the strategies that national elites employ in order to influence political change during peace processes and political transitions.

Elite Strategies to Support or Resist Peace Processes and Political Transitions

IPTI - March 2019

This Briefing Note is based on IPTI’s research report Supporting or Resisting Change: Elite Strategies in War to Peace and Political Transitions, funded by UK Aid from the UK Government.