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Dr. Andreas Hirblinger

Dr Andreas Hirblinger

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Andreas Hirblinger holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, Department of Politics and International Studies, and an MA from the Department of War Studies at King's College London. He has also studied at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Humboldt Universität Berlin, where he obtained a BA in African Studies. In his doctoral research, Andreas has asked how conflicting governing rationalities underpin peace and transition contexts, based on an in-depth case study of the local government reform and decentralization process in South Sudan.  He is also interested in the role of natural resources and land in armed conflict, questions of identity and subjectivity, the role of regional actors, and the relationship between technical assistance, politics and conflict.

Andreas also has comprehensive work experience as a consultant and advisor to governmental and non-governmental organizations working in conflict prevention, peacebuilding and development in South Sudan and at the Africa regional level.

Selected Publications:

  • With Simons, Claudia. “The Good, the Bad and the Powerful: Representations of the ‘local’ in peacebuilding.” Security Dialogue 46, no. 5 (July 2015): 422–39.
  • “Land, Political Subjectivity and Conflict in Post-CPA Southern Sudan.” Journal of Eastern African Studies 9, no.4 (November 2015): 704-22.