Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative
Publication date: 
Case Study 

Name of process
Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation

Type of process
Mediated peace negotiations and implementation

Modality of women’s inclusion

  • Consultations (semiformal, formal and public)
  • Inclusive Commissions
  • Public Decision-Making

Women’s influence
High influence, due to:

  • A few Kenyan women who pushed for building a women’s coalition and had previous experience in supporting peace processes;
  • A mixed gender mediation team who helped women overcome their grievances, and pushed the parties to listen to the women’s coalition;
  • Handing over of a short women’s memorandum with priority suggestions to the mediators and the parties;
  • A gender quota for all implementation commissions,
  • The ability of women to use their informal influence on negotiation delegations.