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About us

IPTI Traineeship program


IPTI's Traineeship program offers diverse educational opportunities and formative professional experience for recent M.A. graduates in relevant social science disciplines. IPTI Trainees will learn about past and ongoing cases of peace and transition processes, specifically with regard to inclusion. This implies close study of inclusive peace processes and the roles of various involved actors, such as government, armed groups, political opposition, and civil society, including women’s groups and traditional actors.

Trainees will gain theoretical knowledge and concrete experience about policymaking and interventions, and deepen understanding of pertinent issues and agendas related to inclusion in peace processes. Trainees will enhance their research abilities and sharpen their analytical skills by supporting IPTI’s various research and policy advisory projects. IPTI offers valuable opportunities for both policy exposure and academic growth.

IPTI Trainees may also benefit from participation in and contributions to trainings and related events within our global network of partner organizations. The IPTI Traineeship program is a one year programme that may be extended for a second year if mutually agreed.