Inclusive Peace & Transition Initiative

Women in Peace and Transition Processes

IPTI - 2016-ongoing

The Case Study Series “Women in Peace and Transition Processes” examine the inclusion of women—defined as relatively organized groups, including delegations, civil society organizations, coalitions or networks—in different processes worldwide

Making Women Count - Not Just Counting Women: Assessing Women's Inclusion and Influence on Peace Negotiations

IPTI and UN WOMEN - April 2016

Based on comparative evidence from 40 in-depth cases since 1989, this report represents the largest qualitative comparative study of women’s participation in peace and transition processes to date.

Making Women Count in Peace Processes

IPTI - February 2016

This Briefing Note analyses how inclusion works in practice for all participating actors alongside main conflict parties, by comparing 40 in-depth case studies of peace and constitution-making negotiations and their implementation from the period 1990-2013.

Reimagining Peacemaking: Women’s Roles in Peace Processes

IPI - June 2015

This report examines the challenges and opportunities presented by women’s participation in peace and transition processes, and offer recommendations for reimagining the traditional approach to peacemaking with a view to building a more durable peace.

Fresh Insights on the Quantity and Quality of Women’s Inclusion in Peace Processes

CMI and CCDP - May 2015

This Policy Brief presents the results of an experts’ discussion convened in January 2015 by the CMI and the Graduate Institute Geneva with support from the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.